MARKA 2014


One of the most prominent businessmen in Turkey
An impactful leader, an acute strategist
A passionate patron of the arts and culture
On the 15th anniversary of the MARKA Conference,
Takes aim at a topic that will shape the future:
Design city Istanbul


One of the most important activists of the world,
A music industry legend, a successful businessman…
Again in the global limelight with his campaign to combat the Ebola virus in Africa.
The leader of the Band Aid campaign, composed of famous musicians and reunited after 30 years, is coming to storm the stage of MARKA for the third time.


The legendary chief editor of GQ (UK) magazine
The key actor who dictates modern men's life style
The most influential connoisseur of men's fashion in the world
The pioneer of digital revolution in the media at MARKA 2014


Europe's leading fashion, culture, beauty, and style adviser
Known as the "Consultant of Cool"
Technology, cosmetics, and fashion brands cannot get enough of her
Offering her knowledge and charisma
At MARKA 2014!


Hublot, Chairman of the Board
LVMH Group, President of the Watches Division
The favorite speaker of all past MARKA Conferences is visiting us again to give the closing speech of MARKA 2014.


The founder and Chief Executive of the Soneva Resorts concept operating the most luxurious and unique hotels of the world
Creator of the Six Senses Spas chain
Genius entrepreneur who started the new eco-initiative luxury holiday concept
Creator of the SLOW LIFE philosophy
Now attending MARKA 2014 with the unusual business model achieving huge economic success without compromising the support for nature and local culture...


Legendary ruler of Rolls-Royce and BMW kingdom
Sales and marketing genius of automotive industry
Undisputed leadership in luxury brand management and negotiation
At MARKA 2014


One of the most influential British Menswear designers.
Ozwald is a pioneer of the new generation of tailoring brands on
London's prestigious Savile Row, a street renown for its fine British tailoring.
This is a unique session and branding story which holds a mirror to the society we live in,
A narrative on breaking through the establishment and rising to the top.


The famous TV presenter and journalist Balçiçek Ilter is preparing to host two unique sessions.
Her heartfelt and intelligent questions that help her unravel the sincere nature of her audience
will allow her to establish a unique connection with the crowd of MARKA 2014.
Be ready to be moved!


The creator of the brand Hakaan
Rapidly spreading all over the world thanks to its innovative, bold, and distinctive designs
World stars like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Moss cannot get enough
The Istanbul-born global fashion brand and its exclusive story
At MARKA 2014…


Tim Wragg, CEO of Millward Brown Europe,
Will bring the latest marketing research to MARKA 2014.
Presenting results from a global research project covering 92 countries,
He will reveal the characteristics needed to become a winning brand in the future.


One of the highest scoring graduates from Cambridge University,
a gifted actress and successful model who graced the cover of Vogue at the age of 16…
And above all, an entrepreneur who relentlessly pursues her ideas…
Cole, the brainchild behind the social network,
One of the best examples of the "Gift Economy" notion,
Is attending MARKA 2014 with an unforgettable session...


A journalism powerhouse,
the columnist of T24,
will be reviewing the current state of Turkey's press in light of his unmatched knowledge,
at one of the most "hard-hitting" sessions of MARKA 2014…


A true genius when it comes to "making a difference!"
The world famous percussion virtuoso.
A synthesis of East and West who brings together various musical cultures.
A master musician who magically performs Jazz, classical, Turkish,
And his native Thracian music together.
A living example on how to stand out from the crowd and to create unique works.
At MARKA 2014…


British Fashion Council - CEO
Her marketing/PR expertise that spans over 20 years has helped
The London Fashion Week arrive at its current zenith.
The driving force behind the recent rise of such English fashion brands like
Mulberry, Pringle of Scotland, and Burberry, Rush is living proof of how "correct" marketing can have
a positive effect on the brand value of a city or country.
At MARKA 2014…


The veteran journalist, well-versed in economics as well as day-to-day events…
As in previous years, again a vital contributor to the MARKA Conference.
Getting ready to host selected guests,
Sabuncu will once again address the core issues of the most crucial topics.
Do not miss out on his two big "duelling" sessions, which he will host with probing questions!


A spirited, courageous, and liberal intellectual who does not shy away from confronting taboos.
A businessman, the head of TESEV, a member of TÜSIAD, a social engineer…
His groundbreaking interpretation of such concepts as
"White Turks" and "conservatives" guide marketing professionals
While providing a comprehensive insight of Turkey's social landscape
At MARKA 2014….


Having successfully moderated a MARKA panel last year,
Şirin Payzın is once again taking to the stage with a session that is again bound to make waves.
In this session where the brand "Turkey" will be interpreted from various perspectives,
Culturally and socially rooted internal conflicts such as those between traditionalism and modernism
Will be discussed as well as the affects of these characteristics on the brand image of Turkey and The companies operating in the country.


A world renowned designer who left her mark on such diverse buildings such as mosques,
Residential buildings, shops, and restaurants…
Possessing a sophisticated approach that combines traditional values with contemporary design.
A driven soul who always embraces her own values while staying clear from copycat approaches.
Absorbing old and new design values alike to stand out,
Fadıllıoğlu is attending MARKA 2014 to interpret internal cultural conflicts that affect the brand of Turkey…


A founding partner and the Vice-President of the advertising agency Rafineri…
A master in the field of communication who knows how to perceive, interpret, and express herself.
The projects she participated in have won over 100 industry awards.
A jury member of the Eurobest and Cannes Lions events.
Her intellect and capacity for empathy set her apart.
Now attending MARKA 2014 to interpret the brand of Turkey.


A contemporary artist and film director.
A respected peer of the international art scene.
Known for his impressive narrative of the human stories in regards to identity, the human psyche, and the questioning of reality.
Attending MARKA 2014 to contribute his unique approach to a very special discussion.


DJ Funky "C" will use all his upbeat energy and small-talk to host the
music legend Bob Geldof at the MARKA stage.


Sincerity, transparency, courage… a journalist who has broken existing norms and taboos on a whole range of different topics.
For years now she has been publicly addressing "untouchable" subjects, allowing them to be discussed openly in Turkey.
Her never ending curiosity and energy give her interviews a unique quality.
Ayşe Arman, whose brand value increases with each passing day thanks to her constant natural and transparent approach, is attending
MARKA 2014...


Temel Aksoy has undertaken and overseen countless marketing surveys in the
last 25 years.He was the President of the Turkey Research Association between
2008-2010 and still advises the biggest brands of Turkey with his consulting
company Fikirhane. Aksoy also writes marketing, brand, management, and strategy
centered articles on the 'Temel Aksoy blog'. Attending MARKA 2014 as part of a
very special stage conversation.


Breathtaking rails, fairytales coming true and a completely otherworldly setting
await you at Vialand…
He first entered the world of show business while performing a puppet-show
when he was just in primary school. He has not left since then.
At 27, he became the youngest general manager of a TV channel.
Presently, he is the first pioneer in Turkey who combined an adrenaline filled
'theme park' full of fantasy elements, shows, and entertainment with retail.
Reshaping the notion of shopping and entertainment with Vialand.
At MARKA 2014!


An award winning designer whose team provides design services like concept
creation, product development and manufacturing engineering…
Can Yalman Design founder… Design Turkey Outstanding and Best Design Award,
Red Dot Product Design Award, ID Magazine Outstanding Design Award, EDIDA
Designer of the Year - Turkey Award are just some of his accolades. Current design
trends, ergonomic solutions, and office innovations for living… At MARKA 2014!


Managing Partner of Nurus, made lots of collaborations with world-renowned
furniture designers. He differentiated his brand by focusing on design as much as
production. Life spent in the office, work overlapping outside the office…
New technologies are changing working habits and office life expectations of
different generations. Offices, where we spend the majority of our day,
are nowadays indistinguishable from living spaces.
Employee centered office designs drive a happy, creative and
productive work life. Fulfilling health, comfort and ergonomic
requirements, motivational office solutions are also trending.
Changing life styles and design trends are at MARKA


A TV host, a journalist, a man of style…
His gentle, reassuring style and spontaneous approach
Has been drawing audience to the screen for years now.
What sets him apart is his pedigree for commenting along with his successful reporting.
Cabas, with his loyal and daily growing fan base, is now ready to captivate MARKA 2014!


A Rock Star, a musician, a producer.
Demir Demirkan attends MARKA 2014 to inject his high-voltage brand of music and energy.
This unique session will see him recount his musical career and the relation between music and brand;
Followed by the first live performance of his new album at the MARKA 2014
After Party and the song "Hazırsan Gel!" especially composed for the 15th Anniversary of MARKA Conferences.


The most important aspect that carried TeknoSA from its initial establishment 15
years ago to the present, is its customer oriented approach based on mutual benefit
that contributed to the company's substantial role in shaping and pioneering the
technology retail industry. Having adopted the motto "Technology for
Everyone" since 2000 and helping make technology available
in every corner of Turkey since then, TeknoSA's brand journey
is at MARKA 2014!


Brand philosopher, serial entrepreneur,
provocative rebel, engaging entertainer,
man of wisdom, MARKA Conferences' all-time moderator...
Once again BJ Cunningham will be hosting all speakers on the MARKA
stage, being the moderator of MARKA Conferences for 15 years,
which is a world record.